R & D Bio

With the prime aim of “Harnessing science for customer needs“, EID Parry focuses on exploring new horizons in intellectual asset creation and innovative research. In line with this, the R&D Centre aligns its research initiatives to emerging market trends and customer needs, delivering the benefits of cutting edge science to a large global community and contributing to the sustained growth and profitability of the business.

The state-of-the-art R&D centre at Thyagavalli in South India equipped with a 6,000 sq. ft. laboratory with advanced instrumentation facility for performing leading edge research, focuses on three verticals of research,


(Analytical and Natural product chemistry)

The main areas of work include identification, isolation, development and validation of new botanical extracts and formulations, preparing high purity analytical standard of Azadirachtin for internal, domestic and international customers and lending analytical support to various state government / central government laboratories. EID Parry has established technical collaborations for the development of products for biocidal applications and seed coating technology.


E.I.D. Parry pioneered the use of bio control agents nearly 2 decades ago to reduce the dependence on chemical pesticides and promote sustainable methods in farming. The main thrust areas of the microbiology division is to develop microbial biocontrol agents for agricultural applications and to have differentiated, environment friendly, microbial solutions for all major pests and diseases causing the highest economically damaging impact for farmers.

E.I.D. Parry has ongoing technical collaborations in India and abroad to develop differentiated microbial solutions and patented products for international markets.

Entomology & Agronomy

Conducting bio-efficacy studies on important crop pests under in vitro and field conditions, including product performance evaluation is an important part of the entomology and agronomy research activities. The department maintains a collection of important crop pests, including insect and nematode cultures through in-house rearing, for bio-efficacy and phyto-toxicity studies.

In addition to research on neem, azadirachtin and a proprietary plant extract for PGR properties, the Centre is exploring new areas in water management, microbials amongst others.