Amrit Natural

Parry’s Amrit Natural Brown Sugar – Clarification on the use of the word ‘Natural’ and its attendant Disclaimer

Parry’s Amrit Natural Brown Sugar is a unique brown sugar product launched by Parry’s in September 2015 and the brand name and logo were registered under The Trademark Act, 1999. The recent new regulatory requirements of the Food Safety & Standards (Advertising & Claims) Regulations, 2018 [‘FSSAI Regulation’] that came into force with effect from November 2018 and which were framed in the interest of consumers to protect people from spurious foods, now prohibits the use of words such as ‘natural’, ‘pure’, ‘fresh’, ‘authentic’ or ‘real’ etc. to be used on branding or packaging of any ‘processed’ food. Since sugar involves ‘processes’ to convert sugarcane juice into sugar, it is considered a processed food and therefore, can no longer carry the words ‘Natural’ as per the new FSSAI Regulation.

However, for trademark, brand names containing these words, FSSAI mandates the use of the specified disclaimer – “Natural is only a brand name or trademark and does not represent its true nature” – to be mentioned on the pack. Parry’s, as a law-abiding entity guided by its high ethical principles took immediate action to abide by this new FSSAI regulation, and has included this disclaimer on its packaging as mandated. It can be fully and confidently asserted that the product remains the same as the original and is completely pure and safe, made using natural sugarcane and fully conforms to the highest standards and all requirements as specified by FSSAI and other global standards. Consumers can be assured that no alterations detrimental to the product or process have been made and they can continue to safely and confidently enjoy the benefits of this superior product.

Parry’s Amrit Natural Brown Sugar contains 6 vital minerals and almost 10% lesser calories as compared to white refined sugar thus making it “The Better Sugar”.

To reiterate, Parry’s Sugar products are made with the highest standards of quality – from BONsucro certified sustainable sugarcane farming practices; avoidance of harmful pesticides and use of only natural Bio-pesticides; stringent quality standards that meet Indian and global Pharmacopoeia certifications and manufacturing sugars approved for use by global pharma companies; FSSC 22000, TPM and a range of other essential certifications. Notwithstanding these best practices, it is a constant endeavour at Parry’s to review and further improve our standards, benchmarking global best practices to ensure Parry’s is constantly progressing and advancing its leading edge competency as an accomplished manufacturer and marketer of a leading, globally superior sugar brand.