What is SweetCare?

Sugar Taste

30% Lower
Glucose Load

Power of 7
Herbal Extracts

With the power of 7 herbal extracts, SweetCare is a clinically tested Low GI Sugar (Glycemic Index < 55) that supports a healthier diet. Unlike regular sugar, SweetCare contributes to lower rise in blood sugar levels* with 30% lesser glucose load*. SweetCare is made using a sulphur-free process, is absolutely safe and has the natural taste of sugar. So take one worry off your mind with Parry’s SweetCare and watch your family enjoy your delicacies with no compromise on taste.

*As compared to regular white sugar

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Knowledge Hub

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1. Why does your body need sugar?

Watch this bite-sized video as we bust the myth- sugar is bad for you! Sugar is surprisingly essential in maintaining optimal cellular activity and providing energy for bodily functions.

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2. What is blood sugar?

Watch this video to bust through the jargon and find out how blood sugar comes from the food you eat. The glucose in your bloodstream is your body’s main source of energy and is a delicate balance that is constantly maintained.

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3. Why does your blood sugar level matter?

Did you know that your blood sugar levels change throughout the day and are a delicately balanced system? Find out why this equilibrium is important to maintain and more in this bite-sized video

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4. Why do your blood sugar levels change?

This bite-sized video will help you understand your body’s intricate glucose control management system as we easily explain why your blood sugar levels typically fluctuate throughout the day.

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5. What is GI?

Navigate the complicated world of Low GI and better health with our knowledge hub. This video explains how the Glycemic Index (GI) is a relative ranking of food based on how quickly they raise your blood sugar levels.

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6. Why Low GI food?

Think Low GI isn’t for you? Think again. Watch this quick video to understand how a low GI lifestyle benefits everybody, keeping you active for longer and easing the load on your internal glucose management system.

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7. Who is Low GI food for?

Low GI and blood sugar maintenance are not only important for those with health issues, but impacts everybody! Watch this video to learn how your bad lifestyle habits can impair your body’s natural glucose management system.

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8. High GI vs Low GI

Did you know that all food you eat is either Low GI or High GI? Watch this video to understand how eating foods on the Glycemic Index (GI) -a relative ranking of food based on how quickly they raise your blood sugar levels- impacts your health.

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9. Benefits of using Parry’s SweetCare Low GI Sugar

Discover the Worry-Less lifestyle with the all new Parry’s SweetCare Low GI sugar. Watch this video to see how to ease the load on your glucose management system by switching to a sugar that is clinically proven to keep your blood sugar levels from spiking!

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10. How to follow a low GI Diet

A low Gi diet is an easy lifestyle choice and a balanced diet that can have various long-lasting benefits. Throw away fad diets, fanciful internet trends and learn quick tips on switching to a healthier you.

SweetCare Recipes

Wellness tips for healthy living!

With India’s increasingly modern lifestyle choices come an alarming increase in lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular issues, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and even various cancers. Infamously referred to as the diabetic capital of the world, it is time we take back the reigns to our health and make some changes! Peruse our blog below to discover the worry-less lifestyle.

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